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Bridesmaids are pretty amazing.

These girls are there to help you make final decisions on color schemes, offer their opinions on your hair and makeup, and keep you grounded during any wedding-planning craziness. It’s pretty much impossible to imagine your wedding day without them!

Your girls love you and definitely want you to have the absolute best memories of your day, including amazing photos. These 3 simple tips will help you get the most out of your wedding photography investment.

  1. De-clutter.

Wedding mornings can become pretty chaotic, especially when numerous girls are getting ready in the same room. Before long, there are bras strewn about, a half a dozen water bottles, and numerous duffel bags and suitcases scattered throughout the room. By having everything tucked into one designated corner, it will eliminate distractions in your photos.

  1. Organize.

Shoes, rings, jewelry, invitation set – you’ll want photos of all it! The easiest and quickest way to make sure you have photos of all of your wedding details is to ask your maid of honor to place everything in a basket or box. That way, everything is kept together and no one has to run around the room trying to find your earrings.

  1. Gather.

Trying to get everyone together for photos is the most time consuming part of formals. To help make formal photo time run smoothly, ask your girls to help gather the bridal party and family members.

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