First Looks are all the rage right now but in case you’ve missed it, it’s a private moment before the ceremony with just the Bride and Groom (well, and photographer!) to whisper sweet things to one another and to ease their wedding day jitters. With so much hustle and bustle during a wedding day, it’s a great idea to set aside that alone time!

Then what’s a Reception First Look?

Most couples spend an average of 18 months planning their wedding – that’s a lot of time spent on trying to decide on things such as linen colors, centerpieces, décor! The bummer is that the newlyweds rarely get to see their vision come to life on their wedding day, other than in photos. By the time the new Mr. and Mrs. make their grand entrance into the reception, the room is already cluttered with jackets and purses.

A Reception First Look enables the newlyweds to see all of their hard work, completely untouched. They enter together and are able to scan the entire room, without any distractions, and the reactions are always priceless!

Love the idea of seeing your reception room untouched? Ask your venue coordinator what time the room will be complete, mentioning that you love the idea of a little peek before guests filter in.

Bride and groom viewing empty reception room