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As a wedding photographer and recent bride (2 years is recent, right?), I know how important a great experience is!

I’ve always made it a priority to answer emails immediately after they popped into my inbox. I thought that if I wasn’t responding asap, I was letting my brides down. What I failed to realize (until about 5 minutes ago) was that I was actually letting them down when I responded right away!

I have a notification pop up on the corner of my monitor each time I receive a new email. This is a great tool to have since I don’t ever have to refresh my email to see if anything is in there. The down side is that I put aside whatever I’m doing so I can check the email. That means I’m putting editing or album designs on hold, taking my attention away from that client, and putting new focus on something else! Now, that doesn’t seem very fair to the brides having their wedding images being put on hold, does it?

Over the past two months, my inbox has been filling up quickly! I’m receiving batches of emails from brides all at once and I’m rushing through to quickly respond to them all. The more I think about it, this is also a huge disservice. By rushing through a response, I am not giving each bride the attention she deserves and I could be leaving out important information!

After thinking about this, I’ve realized that it really is okay if I wait until the next day to respond to an email and brides will really appreciate the reasons for the slight delay.

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