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It was late Thursday night, technically early Friday morning. I dozed in and out, trying to stay awake for the last few minutes of my tv show.


I flew off the couch and saw him lying there, almost motionless, clinging tightly to his knee. I felt so helpless as Chris tried to explain that he had fallen and while going down, he landed on his knee. I helped him hobble to bed and watched over him for the rest of the night. Sleep could wait.

The next morning, his knee was swollen and the pain was excruciating.   It was no question that a trip to urgent care was necessary. The doctor looked Chris over and it didn’t look good. I was immediately directed to make an appointment with a specialist for the first available opening on Monday.

Monday.   Three more days until I could find out how badly my husband had injured himself.

Once we arrived back home, I had to start packing. Snow was in the forecast, so I was leaving a night early for a wedding the next morning. It killed me having to leave Chris alone, unable to care for him, and not knowing the extent of his injury.

As I drove the hour and half to the hotel, I couldn’t stop thinking about leaving him there on the couch, barely able to make it to the bathroom or kitchen without wincing in pain.

Then it clicked. I, like many photographers, have second-guessed myself in the past and have considered lowering my pricing or offering discounts. I’ve always reminded myself of the cost of my equipment, amount of taxes Uncle Sam wants from me, living expenses such as rent and food, etc….but I never put enough thought into the non-financial aspect.  Being a wedding photographer, I know that I’ll miss personal family events, celebrations, birthdays. I will never be able to call out for a sick day…or take care of my husband as he sits in pain. Years ago, I received a text while photographing an event and was told I should rush to New Jersey to say goodbye to my nan. Instead, I just kept working and my client had no idea that I had just received the most devastating news of my life.

My heart is in this 100% and I really do love my job more than anything. I am willing to sacrifice these moments because it’s important to me to be able to give my clients an amazing experience and be the one to create what will become their most treasured family heirlooms.  I know that in order to continue being able to deliver this memorable wedding experience to my couples, I need to value myself. I have promised myself that I will no longer offer discounts but I will also continue to strive to make this the best investment a couple will make.



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