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If you’ve accepted the role of bridesmaid or groomsmen, you know that it’s inevitable that you’ll be required to be in a bunch of photos. Odds are, you aren’t jumping for joy at the thought of standing in front of a camera, all while feeling just a bit envious of the guests who are relaxing and hitting up the bar. At the same time, you know how important these photos are to the newlyweds and want them to be happy.

Formal photo time actually doesn’t have to drag on for what feels like forever, but that’s only if you follow these tips:

  1. Arrive on time.
    Consult with the bride or groom prior to the wedding to find out exactly when and where photos will take place. The biggest time suck is trying to hunt people down, so getting to where you need to be on time will help speed everything up.
  2. Don’t drink.
    I know, I know – it’s a wedding. We all know that alcohol tends to get people a bit riled up and becomes a huge distraction. So let’s make a deal. You give me your alcohol-free attention for just a few minutes and then I will personally direct you to where the bartender is hanging out!
  3. Listen up.
    A wedding day should be full of fun but keep in mind, goofing off too much will force formal photos to last way longer than you want it to. Listening to directions will make photo time finish up more quickly than if the photographer has to keep reminding you to pay attention.

Believe it or not, bridal party photos can be finished up in less than 20 minutes, just by following these three tips. Drinks and hors’ d’oeuvres are served for 60 minutes – meaning you’ll have just about 40 minutes to partake in cocktail hour! Not bad, huh?!


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