Taking Some Time For Family

This past weekend, I told myself that I wouldn’t respond to emails or Facebook messages (and from what I remember, I held to my promise). I was focused on baking a cake for Chris’s cousin’s birthday. I love to bake, and from what I’m told it tastes pretty good, but the end result isn’t so […]

Your Wedding Dress Is Ugly

I was watching an episode of say yes to the dress recently (note im not really a fan of the show, I just couldn’t find anything else on tv at the time). I was completely horrified after watching for only 5 minutes. This bride-to-be walked out of the fitting room, absolutely gleaming with happiness over […]

Friends Photographing Your Wedding: The Other Angle

Brides hear it all the time: Don’t hire a friend to photograph your wedding. While it does worry me to have someone with little experience play such a huge role in an important day in your life,  I think it’s crucial to look at things from another angle. Imagine viewing your pictures for the first time.  The […]

My Broken Heart

Years and years ago, I found myself with someone who treated me terribly. I was put down constantly and yelled at, but what really hurt was when I was laughed at for the dreams I had for my future.  I allowed myself to be in this situation for far longer than I’d like to admit. […]

Allie & Matt – Conrad Weiser Homestead Engagement Session

The day started off with showers here and there. I checked the weather online about 30 minutes before heading out – zero percent chance of rain. Only thing, it was pouring outside. As I drove to Conrad Weiser, I asked Mother Nature for a huge favor in making the rain stop. The rain turned into […]

Jessica & Brendan – Bethlehem Steelstacks Engagement Session

I’m not sure what made me more excited to start Jessica & Brendan’s engagement session: the look of excitement in Jessica’s face or the look in Brendan’s eyes when he looked at his fiancee. Bethlehem Steel was not only an amazing background for pictures but it also was  meaningful to each of them. Each of […]