Should I Tip My Wedding Photographer?

One of the most asked questions on bride forums pertain to tipping wedding vendors. I’ve seen a few charts floating around, showing how much you’re “supposed to” tip your photographer, dj, etc. One of my brides even asked me how much of a tip I ask for! Maybe I’m over thinking here, but I take […]

Asking for a discount

Imagine going into work and your boss tells you that you will be getting paid $10 less an hour that day but you’ll have to do the same amount of work. He adds that 30% of that paycheck will also go to taxes. Knowing that you have bills to pay and food to put on […]

My Bride Didn’t Trust Me

I remember receiving an email from a bride a few years ago, just weeks before her wedding. When I opened the attachment she included, I was presented with a SIX page shot list. The top of the page read “Things to take pictures of”.  The list includes things like this: Wedding dress Wedding rings Bride’s shoes […]

Growing Up Without A Dad and Your Wedding Day

I’ve been thinking about doing this blog posts for months. Yes, months.  I kept asking myself if it was a topic anyone would even care to read and then yesterday, Father’s Day, I realized that it was time. I never got into the whole daydreaming about my wedding day when i was a little girl, […]

The Wedding Photographer With The Loud Rumbling Stomach

Wedding photographers have some of the longest days, compared to other vendors. They typically start their day in the early morning, heading out on the road while trying to beat the traffic. Having to stick with a specific timeline, there’s no dilly-dallying when it comes to pictures. Photographers need to get themselves in gear and […]

I’m Never In A Photo

It’s the phone call I always hate to receive.  The person on the other side of the line, voice cracking, tells me the news of their loved one passing. I’m then asked if I still have the pictures that I had taken of that beautiful smile that will be missed so much.  It’s a bittersweet feeling.  My heart […]

Behind The Scenes – Bethlehem Steelstacks Engagement Session

Chris recently tagged along at an engagement session in Bethlehem, PA. While he’s far from being a second shooter, I thought it would be an interesting perspective to get a few behind-the-scenes shots. I felt complete embarrassment as I viewed the pictures, constantly asking Chris if I REALLY looked like that during the shoot.  Lunging […]

Be A Respectful Wedding Guest

One of the most frustrating aspects of wedding planning is tracking down guests who don’t rsvp, but what’s worse are guests that rsvp ‘YES’ and don’t show up to the wedding. Most caterers and venues require a final guest count from the bride and groom 2-3 weeks before the wedding date. This also means that […]

Amber & Peadar – Reading, PA Engagement Session

I can’t exactly remember how long Amber had attempted at scheduling her engagement session, though I have a feeling it was well over six months.  She just couldn’t find a time that would suit both hers and Peadar’s schedule.  Finally, they were able to schedule a last-minute session at the Reading Museum during a trip to visit […]

Busch Family Pictures – Reading, PA

I met the Busch family at a wedding a few years ago, which led Bekki and Missy to friend request me on Facebook. Over the past few weeks, I began to see many posts from Missy about her recent diagnosis of lung cancer. The posts didn’t contain fear or anger, but instead the most strength […]