Don’t Let Your Wedding Images Be Lost

I came across an online post in an online wedding forum the other day that practically made my heart stop.  The bride was contacted by her photographer just a few days after her wedding with news that his computer crashed….meaning all but 100 of her wedding photos were gone. Yes, things happen and anyone’s computer can […]

My Wedding Dress Experience

They say that every little girl dreams of her wedding day, but I have to disagree with the word ‘every’. As a child, I couldn’t care less about throwing on a white dress and pretty shoes or anything else that falls under the “dream” category.  I think it may have to do with the fact that […]

Mackenzie – The Old Mill – Senior Photo Session

I found myself doing the math over and over: was it really possible that Mackenzie was already a senior?! I’ve photographed Kenzie in the past and that girl really knows how to work the camera. I was super excited to be able to set some time aside for her Senior Photo Session at The Old […]

Jessica & Brendan – The Chateau Resort Wedding

Jessica and Brendan’s wedding was scheduled right in the midst of all of those June downpours. Somehow, the skies cleared and tons of blue peeked through the clouds early Saturday morning. When I arrived, I sensed a bit of anxiousness from Brendan. It wasn’t anything like cold feet, but more knowing that his beautiful girl […]

Amani and Rashann – Philadelphia Ballroom Wedding

After Amani and Rashann had totally rocked their engagement session, I was pretty anxious for their wedding at the Philadelphia Ballroom. They’re just those type of people that look amazing in pictures, even despite Rashann’s discomfort in front of the camera. You would have never have guesses that the makeup artist had to rush, since […]

Big News!

When I first began portrait photography, I had fallen in love with how much each person’s personality differs so much. I knew that this would be the only photography field I wanted to stay in and so, just under four years ago, Frozen Moments Portraits officially came to be. I, like most photographers, was approached […]