Katelyn & Brandon – Glasbern Inn Wedding

It was freezing and the sky was looking grey, yet that all changed come Friday morning. The temperatures rose way above average and there was no sign of a possible raindrop anywhere. When I arrived at Katelyn’s parents’ home, she was still away getting prettified. Her mom brought out her dress for me to photograph […]

Dear Wedding Vendors

I’ve been a member of numerous forums for wedding professionals and this topic has come up quite frequently, so I felt it was appropriate to address it. Many wedding companies (florists, venues, coordinators, etc.) begin threads along the lines of the jerkface photographer that promised to send a few photos of the wedding, but failed […]

It All Became Real

Back in 2010, I photographed Dale and Beckie’s wedding at the Chateau. Over time they have turned into some pretty great friends. We’ve found ourselves heading to restaurants together, hanging out, but most importantly sitting just rows from the ice at hockey games (they are also Devils fans, bonus points). Dale and Beckie were guests […]

Your Wedding Is Going To Suck

I have a stack of bridal magazines I sift through every few months. As I turn each page, I can’t help but wonder how some of the articles are making brides feel.  The magazines seem to say that if your wedding doesn’t look like the photos shown, it’s going to suck. “You have to spend […]