How To Get The Best Wedding Photos

There is at least one thing that all of my brides have in common: photography is high on their priority list. They’ve found their photographer, but it doesn’t end there. To receive the experience and high quality photos they are seeking, their actions during the next few months are crucial. I offer the following suggestions […]

Remembering A Loved One At Your Wedding

My nan (aka grandmother) was the most amazing person in my life. In fact, I called her my superhero. It broke my heart the day that she left me back in January 2010. Now, as my wedding day approaches, I’ve focuses more on how I would like to honor her than I have any other […]

Telling Me To Take ‘Me’ Time

In two days, I had 4 engagement/couple photo sessions and will likely be sessions that will stick out in my mind for a very long time. Each couple was so excited to see their images online, but rather than asking me when the photos would be ready…they told me to take a day off! One […]

Wedding 911!

When packing your getting ready bag for the wedding, it’s pretty easy to forget to throw in a little things such as bobby pins, scissors, and thread.  These items are easily overlooked, yet almost always needed. To help my lovely brides, I’ve put together a list of must-haves for your wedding day emergency kit. WEDDING […]