The Anderson Family – Allentown Rose Gardens Portrait Session

As I went through the photos from the Anderson family, I wanted to post them ALL on Facebook. I stick with only 4-5 or teasers, thought, so I have been squirming in my chair waiting to post this session! The days leading up to this session were SO cold. I was starting to wonder how many […]

My Life Almost Changed

I’ve debated with myself for nearly a year about whether or not I should write this post. It’s possibly one of the most personal things I have ever written…close friends and family may not even be aware of it. I’ve finally realized that it IS important to share. Exactly 17 years ago to the day, […]

At A Wedding, Guests Don’t Matter

I recently came across a topic in one of my photography forums that made my jaw drop.  A few photographers were set in their belief that “only the bride and groom should be photographed on the wedding day – no one cares about the guests.” The more I thought about that comment, the less it made […]

You Can Only Fail If You Don’t Try

Earlier this month, I wrote about how I’ve spent so many days daydreaming and doubting myself when it came to submitting to a magazine (take a look here if you missed it). Just last week, I got as far as uploading all of my images and filling out the form…only to ‘X’ out the page. […]