The day is marked on my calendar for months, sometimes even years. Brides may think I’m crazy, but I totally do my own wedding-day countdowns when their day is starting to get close!

It’s so thrilling not knowing what to expect on the morning of a wedding – laughter, happy tears, the anticipation of walking down the aisle…

The emotion.

And 2014 weddings definitely had emotion!

Gaughan_Wedding_071914_217_1 Delello_Klump_Wedding_061314_978_1 Hnot_Wedding_083014_089_1 Leeds_Wedding_101014_621_1 Mohler_Beidler_Wedding050314_0185_1 Niemann_Ramsberger_Wedding_053014_226_1 Novack_Wedding062814_298_1 Rohan_Wedding_090614_074_1 Stefano_Marianelli_Wedding051014_1036_1 Stefano_Marianelli_Wedding20140426_0001_1

Brides and grooms, you had your choice of photographers for your wedding. You could have chosen anyone. Thank you so much for inviting me into your lives and trusting me with your memories. <3