Carla & Mark – Colarussos La Palazzo Wedding

Carla and Mark have been together years, which really helped build up the anticipation as their wedding day approached! Planning to have formals taken prior to the ceremony, we were all slightly nervous about the possible approaching thunderstorms. There was quite a bit of wind which made Carla’s veil go wild, but we managed to get […]

The Day I Quit Photography

It was about a nine months ago that I approached Chris, trying not to let him notice that I was holding back tears. “I can’t do weddings anymore, I have to quit”, I told him in the calmest, sincerest voice possible. I had only three weddings on my calendar last year, two of them being in […]

Christine & Ryan – Doubletree Lancaster Wedding

It is almost unbelievable when I think that I meant Christine years ago, at another wedding. No one had a clue that the date she brought would end up being the boy she would marry just under three years later. After having their engagement session last February, excitement really started to set in as wedding […]

Andrea & Garrett – Lancaster, PA Engagement Mini – Session

For the past few months, Garrett had been in touch with Andrea’s closest friends, letting them in on a HUGE secret. He was planning on asking Andrea to hold his heart forever. Finally the big moment arrived and Andrea was overcome with excitement! It was just days before the wedding of one of her best friends […]

Allie & Matt – Skytop Lodge Wedding

It’s almost impossible to believe that I met Allie and Matt for their engagement session over a year ago. As cliche as it sounds, it really DOES feel like it was only yesterday. The days leading up to their wedding just seemed to whip by, thankfully, since we were all so anxious with anticipation. Despite […]