Christina & Eric – Friedman Farms Wedding

When I checked Saturday’s forecast at the beginning of the week, there was 30% chance of rain. Come Friday, it had increased to a 68% chance of thunderstorms. While I knew Christina and Eric’s wedding would be beautiful regardless of the weather conditions, I always wish for clear wedding day skies. I must have wished really hard […]

Tiffany and Scott – Gring’s Mill Engagement Session

My favorite part of an engagement session is that very first moment we say hello. I can actually feel how crazy about each other they are! There’s just something about being in the presence of love that makes your heart smile. Tiffany and Scott’s session was definitely one of those love-in-the-air days! Each time Tiffany […]

My Wedding, Your Way

I was never one of those girls who had dreamed of her wedding day as a little girl. It could be because my sister wanted to play “Barbie gets married” every day or maybe just because some girls just aren’t as into the whole wedding day thing. When it came time for Chris and I […]

Ceremony Tips

Some churches have restrictions for photographers at weddings. I strive to respect the rules of your minister, but it may limit the amount of photos I am able to take. Some churches, for example, disallow photographers from moving beyond the last row of the church, or in some cases forbid photographer altogether. Please be sure […]

Getting Ready (For The Guys)

Last week I suggested a list of the bride’s items to be gathered the morning of the wedding so that they are ready to be photographed. Guys, I haven’t forgotten about you! Your details are just as important, too! Here are a few ideas of things to gather: • Shoes • Tie/bow tie • Cuff links […]