The #1 Question Brides Should Be Asking – But Don’t

You’ve probably seen at least a dozen lists of questions to ask wedding photographers before you officially ask them to be a part of your wedding. Dozens of topics including what equipment is used, how long it will take to get the photos, and what the photographer will wear…but I have never seen anyone mention […]

Marjorie & Brian – Mount Airy Casino Resort Wedding

The air was crisp, a bit on the colder side for mid-October (though I haven’t lived in the Poconos for almost a decade, so it could just be that I’m not used to the lower temperatures anymore). Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Philip, the lead coordinator for Mount Airy Casino Resort. We had […]

Felicia & Steven – Hanover Grande Ballroom Wedding

I arrived at Hanover Grande Ballroom to quickly drop off a few things and made my way to the hotel next door, which Felicia was getting ready. I was greeted at the suite by a very excited flower girl, eager to show off her “wedding dress” and adorable crown, ready to fill me in the […]