I was afraid of food

I’ve debated on whether or not to write this post for a long time. It’s a pretty vulnerable topic but I also realize that there are so many others going through this and sharing my story may help. Back in my high school years, I was afraid of food. Yes, afraid. I fear food would […]

9 Tips to help you save money on your next vacation

I’ve lost track of how many times someone has said to me that if I decide to move away from photography, I could always be a travel agent. Usually I politely laugh, while in my head I’m dancing like a rockstar. Planning trips is an adrenaline rush for me and as a dedicated couponer, saving […]

I forgot to shower. And eat.

I can bet that just about any parent of a newborn read the title of this post and shrugged, unable to remember the last time they were able to do either of those. The only thing is, I don’t have a newborn. I’ve spent most of my business years as a disorganized mess. I’ve waited […]