Danielle & Joe | Capriotti’s Wedding in McAdoo, PA

Temperatures were in the upper 70s and birds were singing. Spring was officially here and gorgeous weather was on the way, or so we thought. I’m pretty sure everyone stared at the forecast in disbelief when the meteorologist stated snow was headed our way in just a few days. Yes snow, in April! With 10 […]

Second Guessing and Realizing Value

It was late Thursday night, technically early Friday morning. I dozed in and out, trying to stay awake for the last few minutes of my tv show. THUD. I flew off the couch and saw him lying there, almost motionless, clinging tightly to his knee. I felt so helpless as Chris tried to explain that […]

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

I have an obsession with Vegas, which started at age 16, when I found out you could randomly get married in a drive-thru for $59. I mean, how cool?! My love of that city has grown an immense amount over the years. I even still use my original email address with “vegas” and “59”! I’ve been […]

Would you steal from Target?

Over the past two decades, technology has really blown up and changed our entire way of living! It’s become our primary way to research information, keep in touch with friends and family, and has been a great way for photographers to showcase their hard work to clients. Unfortunately, it also has huge downsides. It is becoming more and […]

I’m sorry, this is just my face

You’re sitting on the couch, watching your favorite tv show. Your significant other walks in and immediately asks you what’s wrong. Puzzled, you ask what they mean and they reply that you look upset. A stranger approaches you and says, “Be happy” or “you’d look so much nicer if you smiled.” Odds are, if you […]

5 Tips To Help Survive Your First Bridal Show

When planning our wedding I did our research mainly via the internet, mainly due to the distance between our home and our venue. We attended two bridal shows but I only needed to check 1-2 more vendors off my list, so I didn’t spend much time visiting booths. The shows were small, with only a handful […]