The First Look | Bride and Groom’s Perspective

When discussing wedding day plans, I always ask my couple’s their thoughts on a First Look. Some are completely against the idea, which is totally okay! I would never, ever press the issue and make any of my couples feel forced. Other couples consider the idea of a First Look but are a bit skeptical […]

Reading, PA Wedding Photographer | K. Moss Photography Studio

It was a few hours before I was scheduled to meet with a wedding couple at a local Starbucks. I was debating on which products to bring along, knowing I couldn’t possibly take all of my albums and canvases into the little coffee shop. I finally settled on three albums and left the canvases at […]

How to Plan Your Wedding Without Going Crazy

You finally found the easy guide to planning your wedding. It can be pretty easy to quickly become overwhelmed, as you get wrapped up in the zillion things on your wedding to-do list. Finding vendors, choosing the food, selecting wedding songs, searching for the reception decor – the list goes on and on. It’s no […]