Las Vegas Nevada Wedding Photo Session | Nancy & Stephen

The west coast truly has a beauty like no other place in the country. The breathtaking scenery, amazing weather, perfect light…I’m in love! It’s a complete understatement to say that I was thrilled when Nancy reached out to schedule a wedding session for herself and her new groom, Stephen, in Las Vegas, Nevada! Although we hadn’t […]

White Leather Photo Combo Wedding Album | Berks County Wedding Photographer

Couples invest a substantial amount of money into their wedding photography, which is why I focus so much on offering tangible products, such as prints and albums. There is so much more value to something that you can physically hold in your hands! Lauren and Eric selected a 10×10 white leather and photo combo cover […]

Things to Do With Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding photographer releases your wedding photos and you are in awe over how gorgeous they are! These memories deserve to be displayed. After all, you did invest your hard earned cash into hiring a photographer – don’t let your photos get lost in digital land or gather dust in a box! Albums There are […]

The Wedding Album Process

Pixels just can’t compare to ink; there’s just something about being able to touch your photos. Technology is constantly changing, making it quite possible that our current digital media could one day soon become obsolete. Printed photographs however, will always withstand the test of time. While you will definitely want to hang a collection of prints […]

My Biggest Wedding Screw-Up

How many times have you planned to run to the store sans list, swear you’d remember what you need, then when you get back home realize that you totally forgot the one item you went in for? We’re all guilty of trusting our memory a little too much and while forgetting to grab a gallon […]