How to Organize Your Wedding Pins on Pinterest

When it comes to looking for wedding inspiration, Pinterest can completely devour your time. There are a zillion boards to look through, making it difficult to not get click happy, pinning away like crazy. Before you know it, your wedding Pinterest board is filled with 700 different inspiration ideas. Let’s be honest, the odds of […]

Are You Wasting Your Money On A Wedding Photographer?

You’ve spent the past few months picking up a few extra hours at work and have given up your daily Starbucks run. At the end of each evening, you spend an hour or two on Google, trying to find the perfect photographer to document your wedding day. As you research further, you begin to feel […]

Some of The Worst Business Advice I’ve Received

Over the years, I’ve found myself in numerous online photography groups and forums. One of the more popular topics covers whether or not to send couples surprises after they book their wedding day. I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve read that it’s a waste of money to add any extras and that […]

The Wedding Planning Checklist You Hadn’t Thought Of

If you’re engaged, you’ve likely sifted through at least half a dozen wedding planning checklists and while that can be incredibly helpful, they usually just cover the “big” things such as when to book a vendor, how to choose a wedding dress, and top tips on looking your best in your wedding photos. The “little” […]

Grings Mill Engagement Session | Kristin and Gene

Being lovers of the fall season, Gene and Kristin are huge fans of the Peanuts movie, the Great Pumpkin! Gene had been hinting that the great pumpkin was bringing a gift. Not quite sure what he meant, Kristin assumed it had to do with a gift idea for her October birthday. After a Saturday night out together […]

How to Save Money on a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography requires a little bit of an investment but there are actually a few ways to reduce your costs without sacrificing quality and booking a photographer you love! Choose locations carefully Traveling between location is a huge time suck on a wedding day, eating into your hours of wedding day coverage. Some venues may […]

Five Wedding Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

  You’re sharing details about your wedding on social media. There’s nothing wrong with being excited and sharing a bit about your wedding but sharing too much and too often can backfire. Not everyone reading your social media posts will be receiving an invite to share the big day with you, which can lead to […]

Secrets to a Stress-Free Start to Your Wedding Day

The morning of your wedding day can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! With a bit of proper planning, you can help yourself be a relaxed and mellow bride, as you count down the hours til I Do. Heading to the salon to get your hair and make-up done seems like a great […]