Conrad Weiser Homestead Engagement Session | Alyssa & Dave

They grew up living around the corner from each other when they were just 3 and 4 years old and had mutual friends, but their relationship was mainly just friendship. Fast forwarding down the road and after some encouragement from their friends, Alyssa and Dave kissed and the spark was impossible to ignore. He had actually […]

FirstEnergy Stadium Engagement Session | Ashley and Justin

They met twenty years ago; she was a cheerleader and he was a football player. After their elementary school years, they found themselves connected throughout high school, teaming up on school projects and becoming great friends. Like many high school friendships, they lost touch after graduating. Fast forwarding a few years, Ashley was surprised to […]

Lockridge Furnace Engagement Session | Emily & Warren

For many people, a job is just one of those adult things you do every day. You expect to wake up, work your shift, collect a paycheck. When Emily and Warren started working at their job, they probably expected just that. Little did they know, they would eventually end up finding a perfect match in […]

Mimmos Reading PA Wedding | Jenn & Todd

It had been perfectly planned out: They’d arrive in Myrtle Beach and a few days later would promise forever in front of their closet family and friends. Then the hurricane swept South Carolina away, and with Jenn and Todd’s wedding day only about five days away, their plans were turned upside down. They could have […]