It’s pretty safe to say that just about every bride pages through her calendar on a monthly basis, counting  increments of 24-32 day spans. The thought of it is enough to make a girl burst into tears, sweating over the thought of that ‘gift’ that isn’t even really a gift at all.

You got it…I’m referring to that time of the month…on your wedding day (who the heck came up with calling it a ‘gift’ anyway?!). It’s just about every bride’s nightmare and worse, a google search won’t even tell you how to cope if you do wake up with your period on the morning of your wedding! Sure, you’ll find hundreds of posts telling you that you should skip a pill, but what if you don’t want to take the route of going on birth control?

While you may not be able stop mother nature, you can be prepared with these helpful tips.

Wear Multiple Layers

White clothing is the enemy when it comes to periods, I don’t know of any girl who would willingly strut around in white pants during that week. You already purchased your gorgeous white gown…so what the heck can do you do?!  Grab a pair of black bike shorts. You can pick up a pair at most retailers for under $10 and that extra layer of clothing will give you security and help hide any leaks. For added piece of mind, add a pair of black underwear. Amazon sells a six pack of ALL black – which is incredibly hard to find anywhere else!

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Double up  Protection

Are you a tampon girl? Double up with a liner, too. If there IS a leak, this will just be another barrier to slow down any 911’s. Also, bring extra absorbents…even if you don’t usually need them. It’s better to be safe and bring more than what you need than sorry you didn’t.

Get Bustled Up

OMG…How am I gonna pee?!? Take a deep breath…it’s gonna be okay. It really isn’t as hard as you would think (unless your dress is super, super poofy). First off, if it’s possible, don’t attempt going to the bathroom until you’re bustled up. It is much easier than trying to fight your train (and praying it doesn’t drop into the toilet!).

(Note: I’m left handed, so it may be different for right handers) First, get any ‘girl stuff’ you need ready so it will be in easy reach to grab. Take hold of the back of your dress with your left arm and bunch it up, so all of the dress is wrapped around your arm. It can also help if you twist the top half of your dress sideways (think having the front of the dress now towards the right side of you). With your right hand still free, you can hover over the toilet and do your business. If you find yourself having a bit of trouble, swing your left arm under so the dress is still wrapped around your arm, but directed backwards. (I’m seriously considering throwing my dress on just to demonstrate this…please let me know if these directions aren’t clear.) It can be a little tricky to get those shorts pulled back up and comfortably under your dress, which is where the maid of honor comes in. Asking another girl to help fix your shorts is fine, but having her hold your dress while you take care of things? Ehh…that’s personal barriers right there!

The Pain, Oh The Pain

As though the worry of leaks isn’t enough, many girls have to worry about feeling like complete garbage. You want to look radiant on your wedding day, not like you’re ready to moan in pain while curled up in sweats. Have your maid of honor hang onto a pack of pain relievers. I suggest Aleve Caplets, while my allergies forbid me from having any other type of pain reliever, I’ve been pretty happy with the duration of time 1 or 2 caplets will last. If you’re unlucky like me and can’t swallow pills, bring a pill crusher with you and mix it with some tea. It isn’t the best tasting (though it isn’t absolutely terrible), but it beats being in agony!

Another option for those who can’t swallow pills are NatuRelief…which are chewable! While it isn’t as strong as Aleve, it would still be a good idea to throw a pack in your purse to quick relief, especially if you start to feel like garbage moments before the ceremony.


Just be sure to monitor how often you take pain relievers, you don’t want to become loopy, pass out, or worse – overdose!

Feeling crampy? Thermacare makes heat wraps specialized for cramps. They’re thin enough to hide under your dress and last a while to give you soothing relief. I haven’t picked up a pack of these in a while, but they should be available pretty much anywhere.



No Alcohol

OK who am I kidding? Usually weddings = drinking, but you should at least try to moderate your intake. In addition to mixing it with the medications you’re taking, alcohol can actually make your period heavier. It’s totally fine to have a few drinks, just keep it in moderation so you don’t feel worse and increase your chances of an accident.

Breaking Out

As though all of the above isn’t enough, there’s also the nuisance of monthly acne. Notice something sprouting underneath your skin the night before the wedding? Put a dab of Persa-gel on and it should disappear by morning! I’ve used it numerous times over the years and it has zapped the spot away overnight!



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