Amani and Rashann – Philadelphia Ballroom Wedding

After Amani and Rashann had totally rocked their engagement session, I was pretty anxious for their wedding at the Philadelphia Ballroom. They’re just those type of people that look amazing in pictures, even despite Rashann’s discomfort in front of the camera.

You would have never have guesses that the makeup artist had to rush, since the day was a bit behind schedule. She did her thing and totally knocked it out- Amani was looking hot.

Amani is all about shoes, so I paid careful attention to getting plenty of shoe shots for her.

We arrived at The Philadelphia Ballroom with just enough time to grab a few quick photos before the ceremony.


See what I mean about rocking the camera?

I absolutely love the look of anticipation on Rashann’s face as he sees Amani slowly walk down the aisle with her parents.

The sky was clear of any more storm clouds, so we made our way outside for a few more formal shots.

I always love watching the first dance. It almost gives you a different perspective, as you see the new bride and groom in their own little world.

It’s no question that the bridal party put a lot of work into their speeches. The bridesmaids even sang ‘Lean on Me, which resulted in an uproar of laughter.┬áIt was one of those nights that guests are going to be talking about for a long time!

It may just be me, but I swear that at the moment this picture was taken they were falling even more in love. Congratulations on many, many years of love.

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