From the first day I received an email from Amy, I knew that she was going to be a dream to work with. She was ready to put her trust into me and was so excited to begin her experience with K. Moss Photography.

The unseasonably cold weather we’ve had this year forced them to schedule their engagement session a bit later than they wanted. When we met at Illick’s Mill Park, they became worried since the park still looked ‘dead’ and not very springlike with green grass and blossomed flowers. I assured them that their photos would be gorgeous, no matter what the park looked like.

Illick's Mill Park Engagement Session


Just before I started photographing, Amy and Brett asked how the whole process would work. Brett seemed totally into the idea of the engagement session after I promised he would get to kiss a hot girl a lot.






These two totally rocked their session, needing very little direction. You can totally see the love in their eyes when you look at each other, which is a warning to me to wear waterproof mascara when I photograph their wedding


Before we all left, I noticed Brett opened the car door for Amy. It was no question that he is absolutely crazy about this girl and so anxious to make her his wife in May!