I’ve gone back and forth about whether or not I wanted to do a Behind The Scenes blog post, they can be pretty embarrassing! Over the last few days though, I’ve found myself loving looking at other photographers’ BTS photos so embarrassment aside, I’ll be sharing mine as well!


This was only the second time I’ve ever photographed in a dress (third if you count me photographing my own wedding). It was in the 90s that day and the humidity was intense. I wish I could say that wearing this stopped me from sweating but unfortunately I’m not one of the lucky girls who escape “glistening”.

Wondering if you’ll receive different angles and perspectives of your day? I’m a ceremony ninja.

And sometimes I bend in strange, embarrassing ways.

Or I’ll get deep in concentration and make strange faces.2015-12-28_0008

And sometimes I laugh at my own jokes.

Chris will occasionally tag along at engagement sessions to take some behind the scenes photos and assist with lighting. Michelle is a huge asset and my #1 go-to girl when I need a second shooter.


That moment when your bride emails you her Wedding Final Detail Form and puts you on the ‘requested photo’ list <3 <3 <3

Or requests a photo sometime during the wedding day <3

Thank you to all of the vendors (and Michelle!) for providing me with these BTS photos!