When I first began portrait photography, I had fallen in love with how much each person’s personality differs so much. I knew that this would be the only photography field I wanted to stay in and so, just under four years ago, Frozen Moments Portraits officially came to be.

I, like most photographers, was approached by a friend regarding an upcoming wedding for a friend of hers. She still needed a photographer, and while I was skeptical, I agreed.

That wedding made my heart feel a way that it never had before. Being able to photograph such an important moment in a couple’s life, meeting amazing people, being surrounded by so much laughter and personality…I had fallen in love. From that day on, I focused primarily on weddings and phased out of portraiture.

Over the years, I’ve encountered a few problems with my current business name. “Frozen Moments Portraits” was constantly being referred to as “Frozen Moments Photography”, which was certainly hurting mygoogle rankings as well as referrals. I also soon began to realize that few brides would think of trusting a “portrait” company to document one of the most important days of her life. I’m sure many of you reading this have never thought of “Frozen Moments Portraits” and had “wedding” pop into your head.

So…the big news? Frozen Moments Portraits is now officially K. Moss Photography!

Taking all of what I had written above into consideration and weighing the pros and cons for over a year, I have decided to make a transition more reflective of my business. I’ll still be focused on personality in every picture taken and putting my heart into every wedding, only now with a business name that feels more suiting.

Over the past month, my Facebook page has gone up 100 likes! While I loved that so many new faces were adding me, it made me sad knowing that the page would soon be no longer and I would have to build up a new page all over again.


Since you’re reading this, I’m betting that you’re interested in continue to follow me on this new road that K. Moss Photography takes me.

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It’d mean the world to me if you invited your friends to check out the new page as well!


When you head over to the new Facebook page, be sure to say hello! I love getting to know my followers just as much as I do my clients ♥