I met the Busch family at a wedding a few years ago, which led Bekki and Missy to friend request me on Facebook. Over the past few weeks, I began to see many posts from Missy about her recent diagnosis of lung cancer. The posts didn’t contain fear or anger, but instead the most strength that I have ever seen someone display. Rather than give up, Missy and her family are ready to fight back, while also raising awareness.

After speaking with Missy a bit, we decided this was the perfect time for a family portrait session. As chemo treatments begin and things start to get rough, the Busch family will always have these pictures as a reminder of the amazing inner strength they all have. An admirable strength that brings me to tears as I type this, knowing that there is nothing that will ever break this family.

This was the most fun-loving group of people – they were down for anything!

I’m not sure if they were laughing at me or with me, but either way I was able to get these awesome smiles.

Missy and Ken were also celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary. I overheard Ken tell Missy how he still checks her out and loves her more than anything – how beautiful is that?!

Many would view cancer as something that makes your weaker. With the Busch family, it’s only made them stronger.