Copperfield Inn Wedding | Sarah & Jimmy

Sarah and Jimmy were guests at a wedding a couple of years ago, with a fun little plan in store for them. The bouquet toss would be rigged, a way to give Jimmy a little nudge. That small gesture was enough to get things rolling (and made for great laughter-inducing wedding day toasts when their […]

Reading Crowne Plaza Wedding | Laura & Jean

After nine years together, the day that Laura and Jean would officially (and finally!) be married had arrived. As they prepared for the day, their closest friends gathered together downstairs, excitedly waiting to witness one of their favorite love stories begin its next chapter. Laura and Jean met by playing the video game Left 4 […]

Reading, PA Wedding | Angela & Bill

Angela and Bill started their wedding planning last summer, just a little more than a year before their July wedding. A the day grew closer, they so grateful they had started early it had greatly reduced any wedding-related stress. As belly butterflies, eager anticipation, and happy tears filled the getting ready rooms, I tucked myself […]

Goggleworks Wedding | Kathryn & Brian

It was somewhere around when my 2019 wedding season began that Kathryn started to get antsy, dying for her wedding day to finally arrive. Week after week, she would see newly married couples pop up on my Facebook page, so I totally get why she was about to explode from excitement. It does seem like […]

Berks County Wedding Photo Session | Cristina & Travis

It’s always so incredibly flattering with a newly-married couple reaches out to me for a wedding session. Whether it’s because they weren’t able to have a professional photographer at their wedding, wanted more out of their wedding photos, or simply wanted an excuse to hop back into their fancy clothes, it means the world when […]

Gettysburg Hotel | Ashley & Justin

Ashley and Justin had fallen in love with the Gettysburg Hotel’s classic feel and city’s history, but it wasn’t until a conversation between her and I that Ashley realized that her subconscious played a large role in their wedding location decision. They became friends in elementary school but lost touch after graduating high school. Years […]

Glasbern Inn Glasloft Wedding | Emily & Warren

Emily and Warren each woke up in their separate Glasbern Inn rooms, anticipating what they’ve waited so long for: to end their night as Mr. and Mrs. and begin each day thereafter creating new memories as married couple! March weather varies each year, making it difficult to know what to expect. Luckily, rather than snowflakes, […]

Behind the Scenes | 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a Behind the Scenes post! It’s a little tricky getting photos together when working solo, but now that Chris has begun assisting at weddings and sessions, I’m able to share a peek of what goes on when others aren’t looking 🙂 So here goes, a few technical and […]

The Loft at Sweetwater Wedding | Chelsea & Sean

Chelsea, an excited and very newly engaged bride-to-be reached out to me in early summer, so eager to schedule an engagement session and announce her happiness to the world. Thanks to the generosity of Grim’s Orchard in Breinigsville, PA, Chelsea’s dream of having her engagement photos in a sunflower field would come to life. (Take […]

Albuquerque, NM Wedding | Liz & Kyle

I am completely in love with traveling, so I was ridiculously excited when Liz asked if I would travel for her New Mexico wedding. We spent the next year skyping, emailing, with a few calls and facebook chats along the way. Somehow, time had zipped by and I was packing for my cross-country trip, excited […]