Children and Family Sessions


We May Be A Perfect Match If:

You’re looking for a photographer who makes you feel comfortable AND appreciated.

You prefer to have minimal props in your photos, if any.

You want a full service photographer to help every step of the way.

You value printed photographs and want MORE than just a USB of digital files.

Session Details

Sessions are in the West Lawn studio or at an outdoor location in Berks County. Travel to neighboring counties and states is also available for a fee.

Each session includes a planning consultation and photo reveal after party (plus a bit of awesomeness between!)


Most clients invest $400-900 in printed products.

How Long is the Session?

 On average, sessions run 45-60 minutes. I have time set aside for children to become comfortable. Depending on their age, this can include dancing, playing with toys, or just sitting and talking for a bit. Of course I totally get that adults are nervous as well, so don’t think I forgot about you! There’s extra time for you, too.

Studio or Outdoor...Which Should You Choose?​

There are a few factors to consider, such as weather and time of year. The best time for outdoor photos is about 1.5 hours before sunset, which doesn’t fall until later in the evening during the summer. This time of day can be a bit difficult for children, as they’re ready to wind down for bed. Studio sessions offer more flexibility since rain or sun won’t affect your session.

Don’t worry about making this decisions on your own! During your planning consultation, I’ll guide you towards the best option for your family.