Commonly Misspelled Wedding Words

I once read that English is one of the most difficult languages to learn, mainly because we have words with numerous different meanings and spellings (there, they’re, their, anyone?). I’ve put together a list of the most common wedding word mistakes to help you as you write up invitations, save the dates, and thank you cards. I’ve skipped over the more common words such as then/than, where/were. sea/see, etc. and listed words mainly used for weddings.

Stationery – Note cards, invitations, etc.
Stationary – A way to describe yourself during a Netflix binge

Isle – The place you will be going on your honeymoon
Aisle – The walkway leading you towards your wedding officiant and groom

12am – The time that you will be in bed, counting down the hours until “I Do”
12pm – The time your ceremony starts

Fiancé – male
Fiancée – female

Altar – The decorated table/arch/etc. at the front of the ceremony
Alter – What you hire a seamstress to do to your wedding dress

Dessert – Yummy treats and cake
Desert – The area you probably shouldn’t visit in the middle of the summer

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Can you think of any other words to add to the list?

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