Brides, as you sift through photographers’ websites you may have noticed some photographers offer a “complimentary” engagement session. If you’re like most brides and you aren’t quite sure what that means or why you would need it, keep on reading!

I have gifted engagement sessions to my couples for about 3 or 4 years now and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made!

The main reason I offer this session as a gift is because I want you to be able to use it and so it is clear that it can’t be exchanged for extra hours/products/discounts. If I were to charge separately for the session it is very likely couples would consider passing it up, as a way to cut costs. In fact, if you book your engagement session before officially booking me for your wedding, I’ll credit you the amount you paid for you session and deduct it from your wedding balance! I find this session so important as it’s often the first time couples are in front of a professional camera.  Plus it allows us to get to know each other, you learn how fun it is to be front of the camera (and look amazing!), plus we end up with photos to display at the wedding – it’s a win-win for everyone!

Some couples may feel they don’t need “engagement” photos, however I still highly recommend scheduling your session. Consider it a “trial run” of your wedding photos; a way to ease your comfort in front of the camera (plus it’s really helpful to see how often you blink – I recently had a bride blink in 10 out of 11 shots!). I’m sure you know that weddings are pretty crunched when it comes to time but with your engagement session, we’ll have time to hang out and talk about your wedding day, joke together, and end up with photos leaving you saying “wow!”

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