As last year drew to a close, I knew I wanted 2015 to be bigger and better. I put together a list of goals and was set on achieving each one of them. After putting together this blog post, I took a break. I stepped away from just about all things business and photography (aside from a few sessions) and had some “me” time. I spent the next few weeks planning for our Disney getaway – my recharge before I put myself into full business mode and started to complete my checklist (I’ll be posting photos from that trip soon!).

We’ve been back from Florida for only ten days and I have already crossed off a huge chunk of my goal checklist! I haven’t done it alone, though. Chris has played a HUGE role in this as he is my go-to web and computer guy. While it’s great being married to someone so tech-savvy, I know I’m his worst client. I’m not so nice under pressure and I’m extremely vague when describing my visions, expect him to always know what I’m thinking. He looks past how difficult I can be and puts in 1000% to make my visions come to life in the internet world. Have I mentioned that I really love that guy?

While Chris handles the Web end, I’ve been focusing on the business side. I’ve spent the past six months putting together new issues of ‘Engaged’ and ‘Weddings’, both of which I think are going to blow the past issues away! I’ve put a lot of thought into the design and context and really can’t wait for its release. I’m adding just a bit more information then it’s time to put the pages in order and proofread.  Here’s a little sneak peek!

magazine sneak peek magazine sneak peek

I’ve also revamped my pricing, blog just about every day, started a brand new workflow system, and ordered new gorgeous packaging. Everything is in the process of being shipped to me and I’ll be posting more when I receive it all!

One of my biggest year-long goals is to book at least 10 more weddings for 2015. I’m confident that this hard work, as well as the “wow” experience I give my brides, will definitely help me surpass that goal!