It was a tradition to visit my nan and pop the day after Christmas. As I sat talking with my nan that Saturday in 2009, she began asking about our wedding.  Chris and I weren’t engaged, so I found it a bit odd that she would ask. I tried to brush the topic off but she urged me to paint a detailed picture of my dress, details, everything. It’s not a secret that I’ve never been the girl who dreamt about her wedding as a little girl, but I went ahead and did the best I could. I figured she was just excited for a future wedding because she loved Chris so much.

It wasn’t until Chris explained to me about a year or so ago why she asked me those questions. She was trying to live my wedding day, knowing she wouldn’t live long enough to see us get married.  Now as our wedding approaching, I find tears staining my cheeks, knowing how incredibly difficult it will be to have her favorite flowers on an empty seat. I wish I had known the reason behind our conversation so many years ago; I would have put more effort into my responses.

I never pull a bride and groom from their reception, with one exception: photos with grandparents. If you are lucky enough to have your grandma or grandpa at your wedding, cherish it with every bit of your heart and take way too many photos. Those pictures will someday be more valuable to you than anything in the world.

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