I’ve been thinking about doing this blog posts for months. Yes, months.  I kept asking myself if it was a topic anyone would even care to read and then yesterday, Father’s Day, I realized that it was time.

I never got into the whole daydreaming about my wedding day when i was a little girl, but as i got older it did make me sad when I thought about who would one day walk me down the aisle.

I didn’t have a father.

While it does make me a little sad to see the dozens of Father’s Day posts on Facebook each year, I’ve come to realize that my wedding day won’t be any different than those brides that have their dad by their sides. I’ll still be walked down the aisle by someone that means the absolute world to me. It no longer gets me down when I think about not being able to have a father/daughter dance at our wedding. I’ve decided to ask someone that has been in my life since I was a little girl. While I wouldn’t say he’s exactly a father figure to me (he’s far too young to have been my dad!), I do admire the father he has become to his own children.

There are so many father-less girls in the world that have felt that way that I had, bummed out because they would be missing a part of their day. Your walk down the aisle and reserved dance doesn’t have to be with your dad. Fill that part of your day with someone that you look up to, that you couldn’t imagine your life without – your uncle, brother, or even your mom.