I’m sorry, this is just my face

You’re sitting on the couch, watching your favorite tv show. Your significant other walks in and immediately asks you what’s wrong. Puzzled, you ask what they mean and they reply that you look upset.

A stranger approaches you and says, “Be happy” or “you’d look so much nicer if you smiled.”

Odds are, if you can relate to this you likely have angry resting face. In case you don’t know what it is, angry resting face is pretty much what it sounds like. A person looks angry, irritated, or upset…but really they are rather content and that “angry expression” is just their facial features in a relaxed state.

This angry-looking expression isn’t done on purpose, nor does it resemble the individual’s current emotions. The worst part is, the person is usually completely unaware of their ARF until someone makes a hurtful comment towards them about it (like those mentioned above).

I promise though, just because you aren’t smiling ear to ear, I know that it doesn’t mean that you’re feeling blah! Heck, even when I’m in Vegas, I probably look mega bummed out, but really I’m just another victim to angry resting face!   Angry resting face-ers unite 🙂

This was taken in Vegas…and I’m never NOT excited in Vegas! 🙂


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