Searching for vendors who will be a perfect match to your wedding can be pretty overwhelming. There are hundreds of photographers, djs, florists, etc. to choose from. How could anyone possibly decide?!

Odds are brides aren’t randomly contacting businesses and asking them to be part of one of the most detailed milestone of their lives. They are researching, digging through dozens of reviews to find out first- hand what past brides have to say about their experiences with their vendors.

Brides all have one thing in common: they want everyone to have an amazing wedding filled with moments they will remember forever, plus fantastic vendors to make the experience even more awesome.

Unsure of what to write in your review?  Imagine your bff just called you and is asking what you thought of your DJ. Jot down what your response to her would be and then post it on a few review sites. Super easy, right? The really great part is that leaving reviews for each vendor after your wedding not only helps these businesses, but they also help hundreds of other brides plan their wedding. So, each time you leave a review you are helping another bride plan her wedding. Isn’t that awesome?!

I am always thrilled to hear other brides share their experiences with each other and truly appreciate when they set a few minutes aside to leave me a review. Sometimes they even go beyond that and offer to personally speak to brides who are interested in hiring me to be a part of their day (yea, my girls are that awesome!).

Would you love to help other brides make their photography decisions? Please leave me a review on any (or all!) of these sites below. Both myself and future brides will be so appreciative! <3




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