It All Became Real

Back in 2010, I photographed Dale and Beckie’s wedding at the Chateau. Over time they have turned into some pretty great friends. We’ve found ourselves heading to restaurants together, hanging out, but most importantly sitting just rows from the ice at hockey games (they are also Devils fans, bonus points).

Dale and Beckie were guests at a wedding I was photographing, so I offered to give them a lift home after the reception rather than them shelling out for a taxi. They had asked if I wanted to hang out for a bit, and after a long day of work I could use some relaxation.

I took notice of all of their wedding photos hanging around the house. Wedding photos that I had taken. Just then, it all became real.



I recently asked a few of my past brides, grooms, and amazing people from past sessions, to send me over a few pictures of their photos being displayed. It probably sounds weird since I’ve been photographing weddings for years, but I never actually think about the photos being displayed on the wall. For me, I work my butt off at every wedding and session, to deliver images that will bring so much emotion. I know that I want to capture these memories for my clients to have forever; I just never really think about my photos, my work, being hung on the wall – looked at on a daily basis. Sure, I’ve sold canvases and prints, but I guess it just never truly registered in my mind. I doubt that it has for any photographer, though it could just be me.















I’ve seen my photographs displayed in a few other homes as well and that same feeling comes over me each and every time. I like the sense of excitement I feel when I see them. It makes me love what I do even more.

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