It’s Not Just About The Benjamins

Most of the time, the first question brides ask is ‘what are your prices?’. Of course budget plays a huge role in wedding planning, however, pricing shouldn’t be the main factor you focus on when searching for the perfect wedding photographer.

There are a variety of wedding photographers with skill sets ranging from beginner all the way through blow-your-mind-amazing. In most cases, each of these skill sets have pricing which reflects the level of experience. For example, a $3000 photographer will likely have a greater skill set and more experience than a $1000 photographer. While $1000 or less may seem like a great deal and fit into your budget perfectly, it’s very important to dig deeper to get a feel of what you will really be receiving.

When selecting a photographer, focus on the important factors, found in this blog post. This list is crucial when selecting the person who will be there to document one of the most important days of your life.

It’s rather difficult to compare photographers, since it isn’t exactly an ‘apples to apples’ case. Aside from different levels of experience, factor in what you will receive (how much wedding coverage? are prints included? albums? etc.). You may notice a huge price difference between two photographers, but ask yourself why their is price difference.

Your wedding day is an experience and the photographer you select should add to that experience! Ask friends about their wedding photographer; what was the experience like? how did their photographer make them feel? were they satisfied with the quality of the photos? Don’t panic if you don’t have any recently married friends who are able to give you recommendations. You can ask wedding photographers if you could be put in contact with their past brides, so you can get a real feel about the experience you will have.

When comparing dollar signs, keep that in mind that an experience is priceless.

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