Between paying extra attention to finances as wedding payment due dates come around, family issues hang over our heads, and rsvp cards  trickle in, and details needing to be finalized, the past few months have been rather chaotic and stressful. To be honest, I spent more days in tears than I would like to admit.

But the other night, it changed.

Chris’ suit arrived and much to my surprise, he tried it on right away (guys just hate trying things on and always procrastinate!). When he called me into our room, standing there with his full suit and royal blue vest, my entire view of the wedding changed.  Suddenly I no longer cared about the number of guests unable to travel to our out-of-state wedding. I was no longer concerned about any money spent or still owed towards the wedding. Family issues no longer concerned me.    Because at that moment, all that mattered was this guy. The guy that I met years ago. The guy that changed my life forever.  I stood in complete awe, thinking to myself, “I’m REALLY going to have this boy forever. I can’t even believe it…this guy right here…and wow…I’m so lucky”.

Marriage is about two people head over heels in love; not their family, not the wedding reception, not the gifts. Marriage is about the guy who was looking back at FMP_0343me, completely unaware at how I was melting inside.