Years and years ago, I found myself with someone who treated me terribly. I was put down constantly and yelled at, but what really hurt was when I was laughed at for the dreams I had for my future.  I allowed myself to be in this situation for far longer than I’d like to admit. Despite all the verbal torture, however, I was left with a broken heart when we split. Actually, I just felt broken, period.

A few long months later,  I was wearing baggy grey sweats, with my hair thrown up into a ponytail (really, I swear that I looked like a total mess). A boy approached me, asking if the car with all the Devils emblems on it was mine. I don’t remember the rest of the conversation, but I do know that I couldn’t get this boy out of my head for days.

As days and weeks went by, we spent more time together. He made me feel something that I never had before. He listened intently to my dreams and those brown eyes looked at me as though no other girl in the world existed.  I soon came to realize that I was rather appreciative of that terrible relationship and broken heart. It taught me to truly value what I have now, to never take it for granted. I have an amazing fiance that accepts me for who I am and has supported me every step of the way as I’ve moved forward with Frozen Moments and wedding photography.

Just about everyone has a broken heart in their life, but not everyone realizes how much that broken heart will make you appreciate things later. When you recite your wedding vows, remember that you’ve found someone that is unlike any other person that you’ve ever met. Most importantly, remember to appreciate each other for the rest of your lives.

Maybe even appreciate that broken heart, a bit.