One Wedding, Two Cameras, Four Eyes

The maid of honor turns on her ipod – she put together the perfect mix of songs to get everyone’s energy and excitement up. The bride’s mom is in the corner, tears forming in her eyes, barely able to believe that her little girl has grown up so quickly. The bridesmaids circle the bride, oohing and aahing about amazing she looks. The bride gleams with excitement, eager to officially become a mrs. The bride will forever have a reminder of these emotions, as the photographer carefully documents these moments as the day unfolds.

But what are the guys doing???

More often than not, the groom gets ready with his guys in a separate location.  This means the bride will miss out on seeing her guy’s anticipation build as the morning goes on – and won’t even have any photos to look back on later. Guys aren’t always the best at re-telling stories, so the bride will miss out on those clearly painted details.

With adrenaline rockin’, the ceremony is about to begin. The photographer stands at the front of the aisle, focusing on the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride as well as the bride’s huge smile as she walks toward him. It would be amazing to have a photograph of her gorgeous train flows behind her, swishing with each step she takes! Imagine having a camera completely focused on the bride during her vows and as her groom promises her forever, tears sliding down a cheek. At the same time, another camera catches the groom’s eyes tear up – something that he rarely has happen. And there are photos to cover it all.

Once formals begin, stomachs begin to growl. Suddenly, the bride and groom notice that formal portraits are going pretty quickly. One photographer is focusing on family group shots, while the other is photographing the bridal party. The time spent on taking photos of the bride with her girls and the groom with his guys is cut in half, as both are able to be photographed at once. The best part? While the posed shots are being taken, another camera is getting each of those must-have candid moments in between.

Reading PA Wedding Photographer

The addition of a second photographer not only enables you to make the most out of your wedding day timeline, but it also adds to your overall experience and final results. You’ll end your day with two perspectives of everything and a view of your day that wouldn’t be possible with only one set of eyes.


Contact me and I’ll put together a timeline and give you a visual on the impact this high value addition will have on your wedding day!


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