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A Few Things You Should Know About Me Before You Hire Me To Photograph Your Wedding

At some point in the day, I’ll cry.

It’s the outburst of joy both you and your guests have when you’re officially pronounced married, during the heartfelt speech your best friend of over a decade gives, as your dad sways your around the dance floor during your first dance, and each time your grandparents embrace you tightly.

I can’t help it. A wedding is so full emotion, I just get swept away.

Months, sometimes years, of planning – focusing on the tiniest of details. Adrenaline and anticipation growing as the day you officially promise forever looms closer. The atmosphere that surrounds a couple on their wedding day is like nothing else they will ever experience. Friends and family coming from afar to celebrate a new chapter and one of life’s biggest milestones.

And I have the honor of documenting the story that will be in their memories years after their wedding day as passed. I get to create an heirloom that will forever tell their love story, perfectly.

To say that I have one of the best jobs in the world is an understatement.

And if your wedding is going to be like I’ve described above, I’d love to photograph it. I want to be there.

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What Brides Are Saying

I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am for Kerri. not only did she make the planning process so stress free, but she was a life saver for me on my wedding day. There were a few times where I was panicking and becoming emotional and she stayed so calm and really helped me through. She was so non-intrusive that I didn’t notice her at all, yet she was still getting amazing shots. Kerri took our wedding photos, engagement photos, family photos for fall and Christmas last year, and I’m sure we will utilize her talents for all of our photography needs for years to come! Kerri, Thank you for not only being a great photographer, but an amazing support system throughout the whole wedding planning process. You really were one of the best decisions we made for our wedding!

-Felicia and Steven

Kerri was amazing from beginning to end! She got through the pictures quickly and still captured everything we wanted. Even my bridesmaids said the picture process was quick. She was also great to work with and so easy to get along with! Turned my now husband into a believer that Photographers are a great part of the wedding day!

-Meredith and JD

Kerri is the best! She takes the most wonderful candid shots that capture beautiful emotions and connections between people.There is so much happening on the wedding day, and so many moments pass without you realizing it, but K. Moss photography has captured them forever. And for that I am so so grateful to you Kerri.
When our photos came back, we got to experience so many more moments in the day Kerri is also incredibly organized. And responsive. And easy to get in contact with. And so genuinely excited for you that her every email will bring a smile to your face. (not to mention the “surprises”) Planning with her was happy and relaxed and stress free.
Kerri is also ninja fast, and took BEAUTIFUL formal photos in record time, before a torrential downpour came crashing down on us. (side note: ninja skills happened even with 2 flower girls, 2 ring bearers, and one side of the family that didn’t speak English)
Hiring K. Moss photography is one of the best decisions we made. Kerri is 100% the person to entrust your wedding photos to. Thank you again for everything!

– Lynette & Michael

Hire K. Moss Photography! She’s not just a photographer; she makes the whole experience seamless and easy.

I had a Pinterest worthy wedding thanks to the best photographer ever! I totally cried when I read our blog post! From making us feel totally comfortable in front of your camera, to the beautiful photos we received. The various bridal meltdowns you helped me avoidwith your vast knowledge of people, the industry and always knowing exactly what I needed to hear! The Facebook group has been extremely helpful…and we love the “surprises”

You are the best…like, really…THE BEST!

-Tiffany & Scott

I first encountered K. Moss Photography through my best friend’s wedding. As a maid of honor in that wedding, I was genuinely pleased with her during that time. She was so efficient, prompt, and caring. And she was very detailed oriented. I had gotten engaged just days before, and so I was soon picking my own photographer. When I saw the product she put out for my friend’s wedding I was in love. Her capturing of candid moments was so endearing; and I couldn’t believe how many pictures she’d taken so quickly! I quickly booked her and my pleasure just kept growing while working with Kerri. Throughout my engagement she was so incredibly responsive to emails, as well as simply lending an ear or advice. Now that my wedding is over and as I look back through the photographs, I am so incredibly happy we chose to go with K.Moss Photography.

– Andrea & Garrett

When I first began my journey into looking for a photographer I had no idea what I was doing! I heard many stories of how expensive it had become and how pictures were the one thing that would last forever. Not only did Kerri’s quick response to my email surprise me, but the quality of the email was indescribable. Kerri did not mention once about pricing but instead asked me about US (isn’t that the point?) She asked me about how we met, what would we like to get out of her service and how could she help with the process. I was blown away. I said to my then fiance, this is going to be our photographer and have never regretted it ever.
Kerri has been a huge blessing during the wedding process. She was my confidant, a shoulder to cry on, adviser, and even at times I felt my maid of honor.
I have never seen my husband comfortable in front of a camera until meeting Kerri. She made us forget all about what was going on and had us focus on each other!

I would choose K. Moss Photography all over again.

– Amy & Brett

While I say I enjoyed every moment of planning my wedding, I have to admit – it was stressful! I have the awful tendency to want everything to be “perfect” even knowing perfection cannot be reached. Lucky for me, I found a photographer whose work met my definition of perfection! Kerri shot my engagement session and my husband and I loved the experience and the photos. The experience of working with Kerri is completely natural and stress-free. A photo session with Kerri is like hanging out with a good friend (and having that friend take a lot of pictures of you!).  I could spend all day looking at my wedding photos! Kerri’s “do your thing and I’ll capture the moment” attitude before the wedding is what drew me to her during a previous wedding where I was a bridesmaid. That same attitude at my wedding (plus the amazing results of her work) are what made my maid of honor also book Kerri for her upcoming wedding.

I wholeheartedly recommend K. Moss Photography for not only your engagement and wedding photography, but for any of your photography needs!

– Christine & Ryan

From the very first time I contacted Kerri I knew she was not like any other photographer I could have found. She was genuinely interested in my now husband and I and even shared her own wedding stories with us. Not only is she an absolutely amazing photographer, but she is so much more! My husband and I absolutely loved working with her. She remembered all the little extras I forgot. and made us feel so comfortable during our pictures at our wedding. She paid extra attention to the photographs we wanted and made the whole process so fun! I am absolutely going to recommend her to all of our friends who get married. She’s hands down the greatest photographer I’ve met and it was such an honor to have her cover our wedding day. I cannot even begin to thank her enough for all that she has done and continues to do!!

– Nikki & Michael

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If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably already thinking that we’re going to get along great!


I know selecting a good wedding photographer is not an easy decision! There are many great wedding photographers, and after looking at a few, the photos on their websites look pretty good, right? There are a few things that set K. Moss Photography apart from the rest of Reading, Lancaster, Lehigh Valley, and the Poconos best photographers:

K. Moss Photography delivers a great experience – as proven by numerous reviews on WeddingWire, TheKnot, and Facebook.

I keep in touch with my clients in the days leading up to their big day and long after their wedding day has passed – including my very first couple from back in 2009!

I have a cozy studio where we can discuss all the details about your wedding. This private setting ensures us a distraction-free meeting space where can go into detail, look through all the products I offer, and really get to know each other.

I’ve photographed all types of weddings, including various lighting situations, bridal parties of over 20 people, and unexpected challenges.

Simply put, I have the experience to consistently deliver incredible wedding photos time after time.