Odds are that if you are a bride to be, you’ve already started a wedding board on Pinterest. You find yourself clicking around and suddenly three hours have passed.

While Pinterest can be a great way to get wedding inspiration, it can also put a damper on your wedding experience. Spending too much time looking at wedding detail after wedding detail can actually cause you to stray away from your own original ideas and end up using ideas that don’t entire reflect you as a couple.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the memes for Pinterest, “what it looks like on Pinterest vs. what it looks like when I do it”. I have seen some beyond gorgeous DIY wedding details on Pinterest and sometimes swear that those who made these things by hand just can’t possibly be human…or at least the average girl.

“Must-have wedding photos” have taken the Pinterest world by storm, often including dozens and dozens ‘have to have’ shots. I won’t lie, there are some absolutely amazing photography concepts and ideas, but all we see are the finished results. These boards tend to be filled with the best of the BEST weddings, from numerous weddings, each with different lighting, locations, weather, subjects, and sometimes even pure luck (at times producing ‘could never be re-created’ photos). The average wedding often doesn’t allow the time to capture those gorgeous images you see.  More often than not, 2-3 hours are set aside on the wedding day, solely for the wedding photos you are seeing.  In some cases, the photos are staged for inspiration sessions at a later date.

When a photographer receives a bride’s Pinterest board, it can admittingly feel a bit discouraging. We begin to wonder if we will be able to live up to your expectations.  We can’t help but consider the possibility that you may not truly trust or like our style.  As photographers, we create art to fit our unique style. It’s the unpredictability that keeps us going and enables us to continue to showcase a variety of photos.

Keep on Pinning away – just don’t let the powers of Pinterest take complete control of your wedding planning.

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