I’m not “daddy’s little girl”…simply because I don’t have a father. I never wish I that I had him to look up to or feel protected by and  it doesn’t make me sad at all when I think about walking down the aisle, dad-less. There is someone who has been there for me my entire life to be my protector and support me.

It is my brother.

Kyle and I had a special bond ever since the day he was born. That day he came home from the hospital, I just knew that I was going to be the luckiest sister in the world.  As he has grown older, he has done nothing short of proving that to be true. He has always been the first to console me when I came home with tear-stained cheeks and a broken heart, making sure that I knew “that guy would never have been good enough for me”.  He would sit next to me for hours, in complete silence, knowing I just needed him there. The day Chris and I move away from home, I sat and cried on our bed, not knowing what I would do without having Kyle around all the time. He turned to Chris, asking what to do…if he should stay to console me.

Ky has always believed in the love between Chris and I, reminding us to hold onto what we have and never give up, even when times get rough.

When I think about my wedding day, I can’t help but tear up, thinking about the conversation my brother and I will have before walking me down the aisle. He called a few days ago, letting me know he was working on his toast. Knowing how much heart he will put into those words, I am preparing myself and bringing extra tissues to wipe my eyes.





Thank you, brother, for always been my protector. <3 you.