My nan (aka grandmother) was the most amazing person in my life. In fact, I called her my superhero. It broke my heart the day that she left me back in January 2010. Now, as my wedding day approaches, I’ve focuses more on how I would like to honor her than I have any other aspect of our day.

All of the flowers for the wedding ( corsage, boutonnieres, and bouquets) are dark blue – my nan’s favorite color. She was so incredible that I even ordered TWO flowers for her – a bouquet to place on a chair during the ceremony and a corsage for her seat at the reception. Yea, she was THAT awesome that she gets to have two.

Emotionally, that’s all I’ll be able to handle that day. I break down just hearing her name and to be quite honest, my eyes are forming tears as I type this out. I know this blog post is so incredibly important for me to share, so I’m pushing through my blurry tear-filled eyes to offer suggestions how to incorporate that¬†amazing person into your day.


Light a candle during the ceremony

Personalized ‘In Loving Memory’ Candles

A Memorial table with photos and memorial candles

A personal picture frame placed behind you during the ceremony

A bouquet on a chair



Memorial candle and photo

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