One of the most asked questions on bride forums pertain to tipping wedding vendors. I’ve seen a few charts floating around, showing how much you’re “supposed to” tip your photographer, dj, etc. One of my brides even asked me how much of a tip I ask for!

Maybe I’m over thinking here, but I take tipping pretty seriously.  Tips aren’t given, they’re earned.  It’s a little extra something a couple may want to offer as a thank you for amazing service, but there shouldn’t be an obligation. I want to leave my couples speechless.  I want to deliver that service that leaves their jaws dropped and hearts happy. If they decide to tip based on that experience, great.  If not, I’ll still love them just the same.

The most amazing “tip” a photographer can receive is a thank you card, stellar review, and hearing that you’re telling your friends all about your experience.

Sure, some extra cash is always nice, but spreading word about a positive experience with business is SO much more valuable. In fact, I hardly remember which clients have tipped me but I’ll always, always remember the words they shared with their friends that caused me to tear up.