This past weekend, I told myself that I wouldn’t respond to emails or Facebook messages (and from what I remember, I held to my promise). I was focused on baking a cake for Chris’s cousin’s birthday. I love to bake, and from what I’m told it tastes pretty good, but the end result isn’t so pretty-looking.  I was determined to make a cake that was somewhat pleasing to the eye. After hours in the kitchen, the cake was complete (note: Don’t let this picture confuse you. As a true New Jersey Devils fan, I HATE the New York Rangers!)

New York Rangers cake

Sunday, Chris and I took a trip from Reading up to the Poconos for a family get together. Usually, I’m the one running around with a camera to take pictures of everyone, but no, this time I took the day off.

I spent the mini-event….relaxing (gasp!). There’s no way I could have left my camera at home but I only took about 10 pictures the ENTIRE day.  And to be honest, I didn’t worry about making the shots pretty. I didn’t care. For once I was focused on family and me-time. I was able to see everyone’s reaction to the cake that I had put so much effort into, rather than being more focused on capturing the perfect image.

I’m not very good at taking days off. Most of us aren’t. I recently read a quote, it read along the lines of: “No dying man has ever wished that he had worked more in his life”. I wish I could remember the exact quote, but regardless it’s still a reminder that we as society don’t focus enough on those we love.


Every now and then, it’s important to put work time on hold and focus solely on the people that make us whole.