Wedding photographers have some of the longest days, compared to other vendors. They typically start their day in the early morning, heading out on the road while trying to beat the traffic. Having to stick with a specific timeline, there’s no dilly-dallying when it comes to pictures. Photographers need to get themselves in gear and start capturing those details and moment shots.


Throughout the hustle and bustle of a wedding day, I’m usually all over the place. I’ll crawl on the ground, jump up stairs, and bend in ways that I didn’t even know my could move.  I’m not so much of the nutritionist, but I’m sure all of that moving around burns a lot of calories, so it’s no wonder that my stomach is begging for food by the time dinner is being served.


It’s crucial that your photographer takes a seat during this time to replenish with food and plenty of water.  While some may disagree with me, I think it’s important to request that the photographer be one of the first to be serve their meal (of course after the bride and groom!) and in the same room as the reception.  No, it’s not because I’m greedy and want first dibs, there’s actually a really good reason behind it – I promise!


At a wedding, I was approached by the venue’s coordinator after all the guests had been given their meal.  She directed me to a tiny room, a few doors down from the reception area, and handed me my plate. As I began to take my first few bites, the bride, groom, and quite a few of their guests were finishing their meals. I try not to think about how many moments I missed during that time.


Anyhow, by requesting that your photographer be one of the first to receive their meal, he or she will be eating during the same time as the wedding couple.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that no one wants pictures of themselves chowing down, so you aren’t missing any crucial moments.  Plus, when I am eating in the same room as everyone else, I’m able to keep my eyes open for picture opportunities.


I do hope that every bride and groom plans on feeding their photographer (hot meals are so appreciated). Photographers with full bellies take much nicer pictures.