Valentines and Our ‘Special Day’

Every year there is at least one person who asks what Chris and I did for Valentine’s Day and our answer is always shocking to them: nothing.

Throughout our nine years together, we have never acknowledged this day (though 75% off candy on February 15th is pretty cool!). It is hard for either of us to view February 14th as THE day to express our love for one another.  In a way, we prefer to view Valentine’s Day as an every day thing, always making sure to tell each other ‘I love you’ and how much we appreciate each other.

Others are nearly floored when we tell them that we also don’t refer to our wedding as our special day. Marriage is a big step to the beginning of a new life, but my heart believes that the most important day in my life was the day I met Chris.  It is so cliché sounding, but within two months of knowing each other, I really did know that he was the boy I wanted to marry.  We are excited beyond words to embark on the journey towards the many milestones we will continue to face together.  Each of those days and moments will be equally as important in our hearts, making it impossible for us to focus on one particular day as ‘our special day’.

Everyone has different rituals, opinions, and views when it comes to love, some of which may seem a bit strange to others.  As long as it works for you as a couple, don’t change just to fit into “the norm”.  Keep your love unique, and in turn, it will remain strong.


One of the first photos Chris and I have together. I can’t believe it was nearly ten years ago!

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