It had always been my dream to have professional photos taken on the Las Vegas strip, all the neons glowing in the background. Before heading on our trip to Vegas last year, I contacted a photographer in the area for a session. She asked me the dates I would be in the area as well as a few other details. And then…crickets.

Days and weeks went by and I didn’t receive a response other than their ‘auto response’, letting me know they would get back to me. In that time, I had found another photographer who I had absolutely fallen in love with (Exceed Photography – if you’ll be in the Vegas area you totally have to schedule a session with her!).

Finally FOUR months after contacting Photographer A, she responded, asking when I wanted to schedule. I was trying to give her hundreds of dollars and she didn’t reply until months later. I already knew that this photographer didn’t value me.

When contacting a vendor for your wedding, consider the amount of time it takes to receive a response. Weddings can be pretty darn stressful and trying to hunt down your vendors and wait for replies can really add to that overwhelming feeling. While it may take a bit longer to get back to brides during the busy season, it really shouldn’t take more than a week (unless you receive  a response that they are away on vacation or traveling to a destination wedding). If a vendor isn’t giving you a valued feeling, you may be better off finding another business who can make you feel important.

And because I love sharing Edyta’s amazing work…

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